The Second Rise In Film

So for a while now I have played around with film and tried several different types of film cameras. However, some of my most unique pictures have come from my Holga film camera. It is basically a plastic camera made in China. The most fascinating aspect about this particular camera is that the photos are never the same, always unique. Each picture is, in its own right, distorted and the color is always a little off. I think though, this is what makes it fun and alluring. I even heard a wedding photographer tell me that along with her digital camera, she always takes her Holga and shoots one roll of film. Often she finds that the film shots are the photos that the couples always love the most. This is simply because the photos turn out so well, and it’s hard to tell how they got that way.

Anyway, I was reading an article in How Design Magazine on a Lomography camera. Like the Holga this camera takes such unique photos, that it has grown a new found popularity in the Photography community. In this article, 3 photographers were sent a Lomography camera and their assignment was to take this camera everywhere they went and see what happens. All of the prints are to be published in a future article in How Design Magazine.

You can read the article here

I love that film photography has a new following. It would be a sad day if this art form was nowhere to be found. I love my DSLR, however there is a sort of magic in film and I’m always amazed at the product that my film camera produces.


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