The fun of Scrapbooking

So, I have always enjoyed taking pictures to document life. However, what I love even more is to take those photograph and turn them into paper and digital scrapbooks. Actually my love of photography and layout design is what inspired me to work towards a Graphic Design degree and make a career of this passion.

When you snap a photo, that picture tells a story for generations. Take that photo and build a layout and design to frame it and it tells an even better story. One of my favorite blogs for paper and digital scrapbooking is “Two Peas in a Bucket”

Here is the link

Other sites that lend me great inspiration, Etsy, and Folksy Im always finds great photo collages to give me inspiration.

For most of my recent projects I have used a program called Blurb I love this website, it allows you to create you scrapbooking pages in photoshop and then upload to print directly from there website.

My latest project was a sign-in book for a friends wedding. I called this project and “Interactive Scrapbook.  I created pages that included the couples engagement photos and with each page I  left room for every guest to write special thoughts for the newlyweds. This way, the guests are able to place the finishing touches the story tolk by this scrapbook.

I love to make scrapbooks, wether paper or digital that only use black and white photographers. This allows me to be really creative with color and patterns without distracting or clashing with the photos.


The Second Rise In Film

So for a while now I have played around with film and tried several different types of film cameras. However, some of my most unique pictures have come from my Holga film camera. It is basically a plastic camera made in China. The most fascinating aspect about this particular camera is that the photos are never the same, always unique. Each picture is, in its own right, distorted and the color is always a little off. I think though, this is what makes it fun and alluring. I even heard a wedding photographer tell me that along with her digital camera, she always takes her Holga and shoots one roll of film. Often she finds that the film shots are the photos that the couples always love the most. This is simply because the photos turn out so well, and it’s hard to tell how they got that way.

Anyway, I was reading an article in How Design Magazine on a Lomography camera. Like the Holga this camera takes such unique photos, that it has grown a new found popularity in the Photography community. In this article, 3 photographers were sent a Lomography camera and their assignment was to take this camera everywhere they went and see what happens. All of the prints are to be published in a future article in How Design Magazine.

You can read the article here

I love that film photography has a new following. It would be a sad day if this art form was nowhere to be found. I love my DSLR, however there is a sort of magic in film and I’m always amazed at the product that my film camera produces.

Mixed Media-Typography and Photography

I have recently been absolutely fascinated with typography. For some reason the way type is created and the many various designs intriques me. Not only is it the design that I like so much but also, the way type can evoke emotion.  I love how you can take a photo, incorporate text and the project takes on a completely different feel. So, when I recently read an article about Sarah Fretwell, a photographer who combines her portrait  photography with the words of the subject, I was hooked. Not only does the design appeal to me,  but this photographer took the idea in a completely different direction. She photographs victims from the Congo, who normally are not able to tell their stories, and has them write down there words so she can then use Photoshop to add these words into the photograph. Even though I have seen this concept used many times before, the way that Sarah Frettwell executes it is amazing and a great way to use her talent for the better good of humanity. Feel free to check out the article here.

After reading this article I was inspired to try the concept my self……


So, I started this project as a tribute to my husbands grandmother. It’s a work in progress but I’m excited where it is going. The words I used were memories my bother-in-law wrote as a eulogy for their grandmother. I used photoshop to add the words to the photograph and plan to use some textures and color adjustments to give the photo a more aged and antique feel. I can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

Im on my way

So the last weekend my husband and I hosted our first photo walk and it was a blast. I always enjoy walking around downtown and capturing the beauty on film. Normally we shoot on our Canon DSLR but we decided to be adventurous and tried out hand at black and white film. Earlier in the summer my husband had stumbled upon an Yashika-Mat film camera at an antique store in town. Unsure if it even work he decided to purchase it, and much to our delight the camera worked perfectly. I have come to realize though I am definitely spoiled with my digital camera, film has a large learning curve. Here are a few pictures from our walk…

This picture was taken at our town Farmers market. The pumpkins really had me in the holiday spirit and the colors were so inviting and inspiring.

Continuing with my fall theme I stumbled upon this rusted old fence and it seemed reminiscent to me of an acorn.

Of, course it wouldn’t be a trip to downtown Waco without taking at least one picture of the suspension bridge, so as cliche as it was I went for it. I did like how the sky turned out.

I was really happy with the way my film turned out for our antique store find. I really enjoyed tweaking the images in Photoshop once I received the disk of the negatives. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the challenge of my film camera but Im also looking forward to the new awesome images I’m going to be taking.